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Старый 11.11.2018, 03:16   #1
Gumball вне форума
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В Клубе с: 30.04.2015
Город: Санкт-Петербург
Авто: w211 e320, w203 c320
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По умолчанию 2Т масло в дизельное топливо

В общем, очередная тема для холивара)

Кто что думает по поводу добавления 2Т масла в дизельное топливо?

Мои доводы такие: наличие масла благотворно сказывается на топливную аппаратуру и продлит ей жизнь.

На днях протестировал на Скании, топливная система древняя- PDE, проще говоря насос-форсунки. Мотор стал работать гораздо мягче и тише, стал слышен шум помирающей помпы и то как работает возд.компрессор. До этого звук мотора перекрывал практически все звуки. Теперь при каждой заправке буду добавлять, пропорция 1 к 200. Ухудшения чего-либо вообще не заметил, да его и не должно быть, есть мнение что форсунки будут быстрее коксоваться и нагар на свечах накала появится, но я думаю это не актуально при таком объеме масла.

Также нашел этот материал с логичными и объективными доводами, проще говоря согласен с нижеизложенными.

2-stroke oil and diesel

Due to the pollution control measures of the EC diesel-oil is nearly sulphur free and contains up to 5% of bio-diesel. Sulphur has the property to grease the high pressure injection pump and the injectors. Without sulphur, the reduced greasing property of the new diesel has already shown negative impacts on the long-term stability of the injectors and the high pressure pump. The pump manufacturers have tried to react by lining the moving parts of the pumps with Teflon or other suitable material. However, the long term stability is still not achieved as with the old (sulphur contained) diesel.
The engine research centre of a well known German car manufacturer has conducted some long term tests of diesel additives to find out whether any one of them will have an impact on the long term reliability of the diesel engine components. This introduction to explain were my information comes from.
The results of this research: any diesel additive of any manufacturer presently on the market is not worth the money!
BUT: 2-stroke oil, which we use in our motor saws, lawn mower or in 2-stroke motor engines has shown to have an extreme positive impact on diesel engines, if such 2-stroke oil is added to the diesel in a homeopathic dozes of 1:200. In practical terms: 0,300 litre of 2-stroke oil into the 70l diesel tank. The 2-stroke oil will be absorbed by the diesel (emulsion) and grease every moving part of the high pressure pump and the injectors.
Besides this, the 2-stroke oil will keep the diesel engine clean, as it burns cleaner as the diesel itself.
In other words, the 2-stroke oil has a much lower ash-content as diesel, when burned. This proven fact delays the DPF (diesel particulate (soot) filter) to clog, and the "burn free" process of the DPF will be much less.
One more information: in Germany we have to present our cars every 2 years to the TUV - Technical Supervision Organization - who will check, amongst others, the pollution of petrol and diesel engines.
The measured cloud factor of a diesel engine without use of 2-stroke oil has been 0,95.
The same factor with the use of 2-stroke oil has been 0,47 - reduction of nearly half of the soot particles.
Besides this, the use of 2-stroke oil in the diesel will increase the mileage by 3-5%.

To all:

Fill in 0,3 liter of 2-stroke oil with every tank filling. You will notice a surprisingly big difference in the smoothness of your engine running, the noise level is reduced, particularly when the engine is cold, and the fuel economy will increase besides the described other advantages.
The 2-stroke oil I can recommend from my own experience (value for price) is the Liqui Moly 2-stoke oil, semi-synthetic, Product no. 1052 (blue plastic bottle). The use of 2-stroke oil is recommended also for diesel engines without DPF. If you forget to fill in the little dozes of 2-stroke oil - no problem. Just fill it in the next time.
Everybody who has used the 2-stroke oil in his/her diesel engine has confirmed that they could not have done better.

Do not use fully synthetic 2-stroke oil, as too expensive, and you do not really need this high quality for your purpose. Semi-synthetic will do.

The use of 2-stroke oil in the diesel will under normal circumstances not be evident, as the 2-stroke oil will be absorbed by the diesel by forming an emulsion, which will not separate.
As I have said, we have to undergo every 2 years a pollution control inspection by our TUV, and the emission values as measured are by far better with use of 2-stroke oil than without. I have not come across any case in which a car manufacturer has waived its guarantee obligation for cars which have used this 2-stroke oil (of course, not knowing this).
Dismantling the test diesel engines after the 2-stroke oil test has revealed that such engines have been in an extraordinary clean and top condition. So why should any car manufacturer have any reason to waive any guarantees (for whatever technical reasons) if the concerned engine is otherwise in a clean and top condition.

Why car manufacturers do not recommend 2-stroke oil

You may all know that Mercedes Benz have conducted in 2007 a long distance reliability test with a number of Mercedes E-Class 320 cdi from Paris to Beijing. Due to the fact that the diesel quality in East European countries, Russia and China does not meet the DIN requirements, and Mercedes did not want to take the risk of their engines to flop due to lousy fuel, the total tour has been accompanied by diesel tanks to re-fuel the E-Class cdi's. Selected members of the Mercedes clientele could apply to participate in selected parts of this test-tour, and advocates and notaries had to certify the correctness of this long term reliability test.
Although Mercedes does not like it published or made public, it is a fact that the diesel-fuel used for this test did contain 2-stroke oil to grease the high pressure pump components and to keep the engines clean during this marathon.
Why our car manufacturers do not officially allow the homeopathic addition of 2-stroke oil to the diesel fuel has many reasons, mostly of legal nature. Besides this, which car manufacturer has any interest in excessive reliability of their engines? Their repair shops will have great problems.
Meanwhile the "2-stroke-oil to diesel" issue has attracted the interest of a number of Universities in Germany, as this 2-stroke oil has shown to have amazing properties if added in a small dozes to diesel fuel (1:200), especially the positive impact on air pollution, reduced fuel consumption and improved long term reliability of the diesel engine. The pro and con discussions will go on for a while. But as soon as an academic report has been published by one of our Universities, this will change very fast.
By the way: all car manufacturers reject the addition of any fuel "additive" in their cars, and warn that guarantee MAY be affected. Nobody says, that guarantee WILL be rejected. 2-stroke oil in its properties is not an additive, as you add oil to oil if you "dope" you fuel with a dozes of 2-stroke oil. The dozes of 2-stroke oil in your diesel fuel is very difficult to analyze, as every (chemical) analysis has the main function to identify substances which are harmful. But 2-stroke oil has proven not to be harmful at all, on the contrary!
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Старый 11.11.2018, 16:12   #2
Alexandr90 Alexandr90 вне форума
В Клубе с: 05.12.2013
Город: Московская область, Электросталь
Возраст: 28
Авто: BMW 520 МКПП 99г.в. -> BMW e39 525D АКПП Touring 02 г.в. -> X5 E53 3.0 АКПП 02г.в.
Сообщений: 395
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По умолчанию Re: 2Т масло в дизельное топливо

Когда был дизель, тоже добавлял в топливо 2т масло, причём минеральное. Прошлый хозяин также поступал и мне посоветовал. Вреда никакого за более чем 100 т.км. не было замечено. Машина по сей день у меня на глазах.

Мотор реально тише работает в разы, без добавления довольно громко тарахтит, звонко я бы даже сказал. Проблем не замечено, а мотор приятнее работает. Поэтому вреда точно никакого, если не перебарщивать.
Всё сказанное из личного опыта.
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Старый 11.11.2018, 19:04   #3
Март14 Март14 вне форума
Участник тусовки
В Клубе с: 01.11.2015
Город: М.О. Щёлковский р-он.
Авто: Е-39 2,5 М54 2002
Сообщений: 80
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По умолчанию Re: 2Т масло в дизельное топливо

Была раньше Е34 с М 51,одно время добавлял минералку 2т.Начитавшись разной инфы. Вреда никакого не было,но и улучшений тоже не заметил.Двигатель был и есть в хорошем состоянии(машина по сей день в порядке).Всё зависело от качества топлива.Бывало попадётся бодяга,так даже глохла при повороте руля.Поэтому лить не вредно,но и в космический корабль тоже не превратится.
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